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Why the Prescription Collection and Delivery Service is Useful

Travelling long distances for your repeat prescriptions can be inconvenient, especially if you find it difficult travelling due to a healthcare condition. You needn’t worry about the time it takes to get to your pharmacy and back. As a local pharmacy, we take care of our local community. We look after all of our patients, especially the vulnerable ones; keeping everyone safe and stress-free by offering a free prescription collection and delivery service.

What the Prescription Collection and Delivery Process Involves

As a patient, you can choose our local pharmacy to dispense all of your repeat or one-off prescriptions. When your prescription released from your GP surgery, it will be sent to our pharmacy for assembly, ready to be picked up at a time that suits you or delivered straight to your door. Electronic prescriptions are the best form of prescription as they can be sent to any dispenser you wish and are highly secure, reliable and confidential – with the added benefit of no back and forth with the usual paper-based prescription.


What to Do if You Have a Repeat Prescription and You're Using Our Prescription Collection and Delivery Service?

If you are using our service and you order your repeat prescriptions directly with your surgery, it isn’t absolutely necessary to inform us of a pending prescription, however, if you require the prescription urgently, by contacting us, we will have the prescription ready for you as soon as possible. We advise you put your repeat prescription order in with your surgery at least five working days before you run out of your medication. This gives enough time for your surgery to process the prescription, send it to us / for us to pick it up, assemble it and have it ready for collection or delivery.

What if I’m Having Issues With My Prescription?

If you are noticing side effects or troublesome symptoms throughout the use of your prescription, then it is best to give us a call on 0151 424 2939 or visit the pharmacy for a consultation, where we can determine if you need to be referred to your prescribing GP.

What if I Want to Change My Pharmacy?

If you wish to change or cancel your choice of a pharmacy, then you can do so at any time. All you have to do is change your nominated pharmacy by informing your new pharmacy. Some GP surgeries also request that you notify them too. You can also issue multiple prescriptions to multiple locations as you wish, but it is advised to keep them to just the one pharmacy so that they are able to collate a medication history which enables pharmacists to identify potential medication interactions and it also reduces the risk of lost prescriptions.

What Farnworth Village Pharmacy Can Offer You

As your committed local community pharmacy, we offer all of our patients the choice to opt into our prescription collection and delivery service. If you’re happy to access the service, we will collect your prescriptions on your behalf with the necessary permissions in place. Our service is completely confidential and extremely efficient. You will be able to collect your prescriptions at your earliest convenience or arrange to have them delivered to your door.

Give us a call on 0151 424 2939 or pop in-store today for more information about the prescription collection and delivery process.

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